A party time that is shared in all countries: we have all heard about St Patrick Day. Some join street parades, it’s a cheerful time. Spring is here or about to be here (eventually!).
Others seize the opportunity to bet on happiness and luck. In Ireland, even the Shamrock, the three-leaved clover, brings good luck, right?
Everyone dreams of this, today we talk about it , tomorrow we’ll do our best. Each of us seeks happiness in his own way. We even make an appointment once a year (more if affinity) with the lovers’ day, the peak of happiness!
Come on, we will not sulk over Valentine's Day, but let's dare smiling.
Luxury of the blessed ones:
Hugamy is sad ... some cartoonists, and those around them, are killed because they make drawings. The drawing’s line is cut ____________________
Dreamers and sassy cartoonists, head in the stars,
Current cartoonists, connected with real life, down to earth,
We are not fans of New Year’s resolutions here. Our little rebellious inner voice wakes up and says, " Come on, do you need January 1 to tell you what you gonna do? Since when do you keep your resolutions?  Stand behind your choices! ". Sorry then, no resolutions, but commitments, short-term deliverables, an inspiring long-term vision. In a startup, we are all craftsmen after all.
Dinosaurs are not dead ! They come back every year, wrapped in red and green gift paper at Christmas, and the announcement of their next coming in movie theater makes us think about them.
Six months. Colin Trevorrow gives us this time to imagine the new mutant creature frightening us in Jurassic World (release announced in June 2015).
Tolkien, love it or hate it.
Or you did not read ...
I love it . But why?
The Lord of the Rings, it's still a big piece. Like reading a Jules Vernes’s novel, you skip some sections. Then it takes several readings to not lose anything, and even then …

When I was a little boy, there was an advertisement that said ¨Zorro is a hero, but he crosses the road using pedestrian crossing¨. Here is where we are. We're able to move mountains, however remaining always within well predefined limits.

If I chose art or art did not leave me any choice, it's probably to question the meaning of these borders. Art is a world of transgression. Art overflows, it cannot be channeled. Art helps to answer a question with another question. Art questions the reality to transform the future. Art is a whole story.

Let’s step back. Some food for thought, that helps to feel good.
This week, for Hugamy, I needed to ask questions to professionals, I do not see regularly, to help us find a new resource for the team. I sent 6 personalized messages with my questions, I got 4 feedback answers in 24 hours, giving us new search guidance. Feedback answers do not mean solutions, we agree.
It's funny how there are memories, traditions, that we are pleased to carry around with us, from one continent to another through the years. Some events keep their meaning in our mind, although they may be quite silent, personal. We will not make a long story, it's a wink and a smile. Nice, as is.
Busy and passionate production of drawings that feeds on the HUGAMY team’s motivation
To highlight this new milestone, we ran an intense brainstorming contest in North America, and we came out with Tarzan! It takes in-depth thinking to achieve that.