I didn't dare to believe it. I wake up and ... it is there. The new album of AC/DC. Available in presales, can be downloaded ... No no no ! I will wait for the official date to listen to it. Old school !
Between two albums, you think, it's funny that they did not write this song before. That is why we love them. They haven't changed. Well, yes, they get older, but not their music. It hasn't shifted.
Retro Emotion ...
There are movies, but there are Movies.
Indeed, the Star Wars saga, across generations, is still a phenomenon.
Retro and Origins ...
#1 Good communication is played with several players
Any Knock Knockl joke has two speakers, the punster « Knock Knock !» and the recipient « Who’s there ? ». The role of the response gives meaning to the question. The mixture of the two becomes dialogue. It is the existence of the conversation that makes us alive.
What if we had a good start this Sunday, and next Sunday, and Sunday from time to time.
Strategists will share with you detailed good practices.
You need to organize it all :
you get ready the day before,
The Idea : what if we would live some events à la Hugamy?
Choice : it’s our choice, because it is foolish.
Artistic Expression : poetic and fun, because it is a wink and a smile.
We reached a new milestone in the creation of Hugamy images. We exceeded 1000 Extra images this week.
Extras : what for ? Hugamy extras are stand-alone words, interjections, signals, that anyone will insert at anytime in his comic strips’ panels to communicate his mood.
Let’s grasp Halloween momentum. One target date, a positive event, a creative mood, our shared motivation : that was all made for us. All what was required to allow us to produce the heavy effort and dedicated nights at Hugamy to release online the new website Hugamy.com.
The 3 Golden Rules of Content Marketing :
1. content marketing requires regular valuable content (ie Google compliant),
2. thoughtfully shared on social media (ie managed and curated within a strategic intent)
3. managed in a consistent but also attractive way (ie you cannot afford to be boring)
WhatsApp has already managed to change the communication of 500 million users. Moreover, beyond success, they are guided by a true belief and confidence in the use of technology that inspires us. Jim Koum and Brian Acton, WhatsApp's Founders, endorse technology that serves and gives more power to people.
Hugamy is your comic strip messenger.
Hugamy enchants your communication with comic stripsOur comic strips features make your up-dates easy, cool and authentic. You like them, your friends will love your news. You become the storyteller of your daily life.
By default, everything you do on hugamy is private. The stories that you create are yours. You can make them public, only if you want.