2500 Hugamy Pictures!

Busy and passionate production of drawings that feeds on the HUGAMY team’s motivation
To highlight this new milestone, we ran an intense brainstorming contest in North America, and we came out with Tarzan! It takes in-depth thinking to achieve that.
Now, Tarzan , happy centenarian , who saw all his stories be written, drawn, painted and filmed, Tarzan will be our representative attesting that we reached a new level, 2500 Hugamy pictures.
One man in the jungle, surviving all hazards, creating his community, his fraternity in the wild, his living mode, Tarzan has an unique strength : his yell. “Aah-eeh-ah-eeh-aaaaaah-eeh-ah-eeh-aaaaah!”, often imitated, never matched (see Philippe Pujolle 25 seconds record).
Yelling, pure expression of his strength and his conviction is a common denominator to many of us. Some scream , others make drawings, others write, sing, run...
Hugamy offers this place for freedom of expression, as Tarzan’s yell (or yours) that allows you to get it off your chest, to find the right words, to convert them into pictures, to share them.
Thank you Tarzan, you’ve charmed us since 102 years!
Coming soon for you, Tarzan extras and themes pictures in your app, to follow.