Benoit Brisefer, startups are like you

When I was a little boy, there was an advertisement that said ¨Zorro is a hero, but he crosses the road using pedestrian crossing¨. Here is where we are. We're able to move mountains, however remaining always within well predefined limits.

If I chose art or art did not leave me any choice, it's probably to question the meaning of these borders. Art is a world of transgression. Art overflows, it cannot be channeled. Art helps to answer a question with another question. Art questions the reality to transform the future. Art is a whole story.

So precisely, the history of comics is excited today with its friend Benoit Brisefer on movie screens. He also moves mountains or red taxis. He too is fragile but determined. He also drives the adventure.

If Hugamy greets him, it is because we need people like him with us. Brisefer, the bulldozer about which all startups dream ...