Dear Christmas Dino

Dinosaurs are not dead ! They come back every year, wrapped in red and green gift paper at Christmas, and the announcement of their next coming in movie theater makes us think about them.
Six months. Colin Trevorrow gives us this time to imagine the new mutant creature frightening us in Jurassic World (release announced in June 2015).
A proven recipe: they remake, they build on what already exists, they bring the same experience to life. But hey, they will have to work on the subject, to make a true story, a scenario please, we would appreciate ... this time.
Because Jurassic Park, we enjoyed the novel, however Spielberg's magic touch in the first movie made all the difference. For me, the Moment of Grace, of breathtaking beauty, it is the incredible scene of the clearing. You sit in a movie theater, small at the bottom of the big screen, and all of a sudden you are with them in the clearing. You also want to walk next to a diplodocus, see them going out of the water, quiet, majestic, as you imagined them when you were children. Crazy. You are moved back in your imagination of Prehistory, they did it ! The trip back in time, in space, they managed to do it and you are in it.
Many thanks for your legacy Stan Winston ! Your special effects take us, in a spectacular show, where special effects serve content, you make us daydreaming in big.
Well, after that, it's something else : T- Rex, cries, storm. We are scared, they scare us, we like that. Simple emotions, straightforward. Movie rooms are filled, perfect.
Then, the 2nd movie is an easy job, the 3rd movie is even easier : disappointing. Tech is not enough. That is not enough to say : redo, same, vector images, replay, clean, in the box. So please : make an effort, hire authors, dare sincerity, and make us dream like in Jurassic Park 1.
At least for all the little guys and girls who will receive a dino at Christmas, green, like the Hugamy cool dino. Because they will make awesome stories with their dino ! And we are looking forward reading their stories, our story-tellers are everywhere, kids and grown-up.