Hugamy Press Release

Hugamy is your comic strip messenger.
Hugamy enchants your communication with comic stripsOur comic strips features make your up-dates easy, cool and authentic. You like them, your friends will love your news. You become the storyteller of your daily life.
By default, everything you do on hugamy is private. The stories that you create are yours. You can make them public, only if you want. 
Hugamy is an online communication free tool, created in Montreal, Canada. You create your messages, you just need to text them. You can choose your character and change it at any time. Your friends will answer to you with their character. Together you end up building a comic strip on the go.
You combine the speed and easiness of current tools that you know and a visual graphic expression. It makes your interactions more human and friendly. You choose your emotions. You have more freedom than ever in your communication. The experience is unique, for you and for your friends.
Hugamy is a pure innovation. We associate social skills to graphic arts creation and web technology development. Hugamy is inspired by TED, we make it happen for everyone.
Register on our website You will be the first invited to test our beta solution. 
The Happy Hugamy Team
Hugamy inc.