The Lord of The Rings, Friendship Hero

Tolkien, love it or hate it.
Or you did not read ...
I love it . But why?
The Lord of the Rings, it's still a big piece. Like reading a Jules Vernes’s novel, you skip some sections. Then it takes several readings to not lose anything, and even then …
The Hobbit, it's the opposite. You read in one afternoon and the end comes too fast.
Things are clear : the hero is the one who is named in the title. It reveals a straight character, thorough, evolving, which always ends up doing what is expected, despite himself.
In The Lord of the Rings, it's harder to tell who is the hero . Frodon, it is too easy, Gandalf is elligible but he’s still the one that allows things to happen, Men, Elves, Ents, Wizards, and all the Villains are just more pieces.
For me, Sam is above all. Sam Gamgee is The true friend, the friend that any of us would like to have. A friend stronger than all family’s or other ties, a friend who has an absolute confidence in Frodon Sacquet. Even when Frodon makes mistakes, Sam is solid as a rock. He has an incredible strength, that strength of simple, absolute friendship. And he has a contagious asset, he always sees the bright side in things, allowing him to  deal with all situations, even the most uncertain. He is the one who will be loyal up to the end, discreet, robust, efficient ... He's the hero.
Here is why Hugamy thinks that your stories matter. You are the discreet heroes of your daily life. And when we go through your adventures, we find them terribly well managed.
Finally the true heroes in Tolkien's narratives are very similar to ordinary people.
So stay the one on which we rely, the one that makes the difference and be at the rendezvous, all rendezvous.