More Bubbles, Less Bullets

Hugamy is sad ... some cartoonists, and those around them, are killed because they make drawings. The drawing’s line is cut ____________________
Dreamers and sassy cartoonists, head in the stars,
Current cartoonists, connected with real life, down to earth,
Artists, cartoonists, having an incredible creative talent, with a pencil in hand,
Wacky and highly-educated cartoonists, talkative, short sentences and expressions.
Talented ones...
They accompanied readers for years through their published drawings. Drawings and bubbles, as is, sometimes unnoticed, sometimes disturbing, often funny, and also making smiling.
A drawing does not kill anybody: pencil, paper, expression through the drawing's line. However, drawing seems to have power, eventually. Anyway, I guess so because some died because of it this week.
Sure, among those cartoonists, there were kids who spent their youth scribbling instead of doing their homework. It’s not easy to be good at drawing, as we know. It’s not granted to all.
So, I wonder.
At Hugamy, we develop a mobile application (available everywhere, at any time, with free access), with which everyone will use real drawings made by artists, produced ​​by talented professionals, to create one’s own comics, one’s bubbles, one’s messages in stories.
It's all well understood: Hugamy is about putting the opportunity to make online comics at everyone's reach, it's not to move around computerized mimicked drawings, but to use real hand-made drawing lines. We already saw some reactions to our tiny stories: some love them, some don't like and they say it, why not   vector ! What's these drawings! And these odd texts, just kidding! Others, it makes me laugh!
Let's see further.
Now imagine millions of Hugamy drawings running around on the net, no physical border around, they just move around. And people who start creating millions of bubbles with their emotions, their messages. There will be everything, ordinary messages, intents, texts with no interest except for their authors, true stories. We will of course moderate some contents that could be harmful. But not, opinions, feelings, emotions, because making comics serves is about that.
We had hesitated between us: discussion in Hugamy team. A few months ago, we had thought to create characters with their religious signs, all signs of course, and we thought twice about it. Um, no, we won’t do it, we fear to incite provocations. No, let’s leave it to experienced professional writers.
I wonder again.
How will it be, when millions of bubbles will blow? If this week, Hugamy had been already launched, how many Charlie bubbles would we have seen? Our users will be amateur authors, no professional writers, they will say what they feel at large. No bullets for each of them, kindly avatars and bubbles...
Some bubbles everywhere, drawings, inspired by drawings of talented cartoonists, each in his culture, his country. And even more bubbles and drawings everywhere.
No need to shoot on artists, who make drawings and express themselves with talent. Really it doesn't worth to cause pain. Because tomorrow, there are millions of much clumsier bubbles that will be routed by true drawings, all circulating on the net and beyond.
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