To Rock Lovers : AC/DC is there, in our Hugamy heart !

I didn't dare to believe it. I wake up and ... it is there. The new album of AC/DC. Available in presales, can be downloaded ... No no no ! I will wait for the official date to listen to it. Old school !
Between two albums, you think, it's funny that they did not write this song before. That is why we love them. They haven't changed. Well, yes, they get older, but not their music. It hasn't shifted.
Eventually, it's why I've listened to them since I was 15. They caught me and I've stayed tuned. Do not take it seriously, however it is really seriously made. Their atmosphere became an identity, my identity somewhere. I'm not like AC/DC but their brand should still be visible, let's admit it.
So why do we say hello to AC/DC on Hugamy ?
Well, because their songs might translate in drawings here .
Because our space of expression may also be music.
Because Comics and Rock'N'Roll have always gone well together.
And just because we felt like it.

Hi to all friends of Bon Scott, all fans of Angus Young, let's enjoy it : Rock'N'Roll does not pollute the air and it looks immortal!