St Nicolas Day, patron saint of children.

It's funny how there are memories, traditions, that we are pleased to carry around with us, from one continent to another through the years. Some events keep their meaning in our mind, although they may be quite silent, personal. We will not make a long story, it's a wink and a smile. Nice, as is.
We enjoy sharing today my reference to a tradition lived in East of France (Nancy in Lorraine, my childhood memory) and then lived again years later in Brussels. On December 6, St Nicolas is a real party event in town. For those who do not know it, St Nicolas is above all a celebration dedicated to children. Legend is : the holy saint delivers three young from the hands of an executioner, cruel butcher. Nothing less! Brrrrr , we shudder ...
On Hugamy , we like to take away two things:
- Loving care for children, children there, close to each of us, we like the idea. We also design Hugamy as a solution to a collaborative parent-child communication, it is part of our goals.
- A personal reference, everyone can share or draw it on Hugamy. Telling your memory in comics, it's a way to keep it alive, enriched, mobilizing your imagination, travelling through time.
See, he looks really friendly St Nicolas as created on Hugamy, even more beautiful than in the legend. I like it, in the header as week as here. Once again, the power of the design drawn by artist!
Well, wishing you all a happy St Nicolas!