What Matters Most? The Question or The Answer?

Let’s step back. Some food for thought, that helps to feel good.
This week, for Hugamy, I needed to ask questions to professionals, I do not see regularly, to help us find a new resource for the team. I sent 6 personalized messages with my questions, I got 4 feedback answers in 24 hours, giving us new search guidance. Feedback answers do not mean solutions, we agree.
But what was most important in this? It was ...
1- the ability to formulate my question, to dare to ask it, to bring it to people whose opinions matter to us.
Impact: you are already more in control, you made our choice through a question that is to be simple, clear, well focused. You take ownership.
2- the fact that these people replied me.
Impact: you immediately appreciate the effort they made, a big bonus in your power box (as in a game, you win two lives at once, as is) and their positive interest is like a gift (as a sweet).
And it makes you fly! Because you do not manage to build a creative start-up alone, the straight line does not exist and we have the right to think and to listen to others, even when you are made to move mountains.
Now, when I will be asked if it is the question or the answer matters most, I will say that you are  the most important, hence :
# 1 ask questions, sincere true questions :
# 2 answer to those who ask you a question :
# 3 welcome the feedbacks from those who answered you :
And that is exactly the role of Hugamy Extras. It becomes even easier, visual, colorful, alive.
Actually communicating ...
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