Your Wish List ...

We are not fans of New Year’s resolutions here. Our little rebellious inner voice wakes up and says, " Come on, do you need January 1 to tell you what you gonna do? Since when do you keep your resolutions?  Stand behind your choices! ". Sorry then, no resolutions, but commitments, short-term deliverables, an inspiring long-term vision. In a startup, we are all craftsmen after all.
What motivates us is what is to happens next and it's our responsibility. Because we have the ability to hold a pencil, draw what you see in a square window, so that this window will be tomorrow yours too. We open wide a new possible space, as is, without conceit.
This is where it happens. The pleasure of creating your stories, simple or complicated, any choices. The ability to create, to capture moments, to make them even more alive, to change them, to enjoy them.
Alone or with others, nothing is frozen. It will change from one story to another, as in real life.
Our Wishes ...
We love that, a wishlist. We’ve this in mind from the beginning of Hugamy. To give ourself, to give you the opportunity to use images, themes that are dear to your heart. Crazy, foolish, insignificant, huge desires, all to become stories that will change the world or just your small side of the world right here, why not? No rule, each makes his choice. No uneasy feeling, only those who dare to do it have a chance to succeed, so let’s go.
If foolish, better start easy. We listed our first desires, in bulk. And it starts like this,
"In 2015, I want :
- Mount Everest to be less high
- Crisper fries
- A million dollars
- Flying saucers
- New episodes of Indiana Jones’ adventure
- To see a live concert of AC/DC again
- To find the 25th hour
- To change the color of the sky and to find a second moon
- To create more bubbles ...
- Buses to run on time
- 77 F degrees outdoors one day per week in Montreal from January to April inclusive
- One hug per day for all
- To make it impossible to ban music
- Those who break my dreams to have a blue tongue for 30 min, each time they do it
- To no longer mistake people's names
- ALL children in the world to have the right to play with a ball when they want
- Hugamy to have launched its app listed in the App Store
- To create more smiles ...
... "
Okay, well now we are really made ​​... Do you guess what’s coming next?
Yes, that's right : create images that reflect each of these desires, be able to express them, share them, make them travel on the web, comment them in bubbles. We played with our wishlist, now then, shall we stand behind our wishes?
Up to you ! Tell us your wishes : "I would like Hugamy allows me to draw ... ". We will look at them, try to give you the ways to communicate them graphically. And if we do not answer as expected, we will tell you. (You may understand, this note is added to prevent internal panic in Hugamy team, "Are you crazy? We can not do everything")